Xmas Cracker – Mary Morten

What a nice surprise if you found this Xmas cracker under the tree like this, no need to unwrap anything! This is Mary Morten, also known as Nelda Morten/Morton, Beverly Martin, or as a brunette Carmen Montez, do you think she had enough names!  She appeared in Kamera No.85 (1967) in the Xmas setting and also appeared on Kamera Christmas cards.

Xmas Cracker – Britt Hampshire

We start the week with a very perky Britt Hampshire as the Xmas cracker. Seen her with very perky puffies and full bush in front of the fireplace surrounded by Xmas decorations and a sheepskin rug! Scanned from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ by Harrison Marks