Beverly Martin – Sexy Girl No.1

Two shots of Beverly Martin (Mary/Nelda Moren) from the 1960’s German publication Sexy Girl No.1. She looks a bit cold in the top shot and that fire could be with going on, but no idea where this could have been taken as it could have been either Ewhurst or Walden as both interiors were a similar style. Thanks to Terry who identified it as Walden Manor ūüôā

Beverley Martin – Lakeside Lovely

Beverley Martin (Mary Morton) from the pages of Carnival Magazine (August 1965) posing topless beside a lake apparently! ¬†It’s actually the square pond out the back/side of Ewhurst Manor from a different angle. ¬†You can see Monique Devereux posing in front of it in an earlier post today. ¬†Obviously a popular spot for a pose and I’ve even seen some of Barbara Halks and Monique posing in the pond!

Xmas Cracker – Mary Morten

What a nice surprise if you found this Xmas cracker under the tree like this, no need to unwrap anything! This is Mary Morten, also known as Nelda Morten/Morton, Beverly Martin, or as a brunette Carmen Montez, do you think she had enough names!  She appeared in Kamera No.85 (1967) in the Xmas setting and also appeared on Kamera Christmas cards.