Hazel Taylor – Bedknobs, Boobs & Bush (Original)

A scan of a colour transparency of Hazel Taylor posing in the bedroom taken by Harrison Marks. Loving the golden bedknobs and small portable TV in the background, but more importantly a great shot of a nude Hazel. Hazel is one of those models that was very natural down below and in other images I’ve posted her impressive bush is on display for all to see. Unfortunately a strategically placed hand deprives us of such a view in this shot, but the rest of her is equally as enticing. ¬†Thanks to Kevin for sharing Hazel from his archive.

Going Roman with Ann Dixon

A Roman theme to this shot of Ann Dixon (Hazel Taylor) with the toga like dress and grapes.  A much more elegant shot of ann with her hair up from the 1950’s Glamour Book that includes a range of images from Russell Gay publications, including Fiesta and Knave with the Odd QT image thrown in for good measure.

Hazel Taylor Untamed!

Damn that’s some impressive topiary that Hazel Taylor has there and I bet she kept the retouchers employed in the late 1960’s! Posing in the gardens of Ewhurst Manor an uncensored shot of Hazel by Harrison Marks published in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) 

Hazel Taylor – Bird With a Bush!

I have a growing collection of this auburn haired beauty and I must admit she seems to be the GHM model I have with the most uncensored shots. What a fabulous untamed bush she has and this one isn’t as extensive in growth as some of the other outdoor shots at Ewhurst of her! Wonderful to see, but she must also have been a retouchers worst nightmare with such an expanse of hair to try and cover up!

Hazel Taylor & The Fishnet Leotard!

Another two shots of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from Pussy Cat No.2. This time posing in a very see through fishnet leotard with a nice little bow around the waist! She obviously liked the fishnet top look as she wore a similar top here