Barbara Halks – The Seduction of a Door!

Barbara Halks showing off her very nice behind as she clings seductively to a door-frame! I’ve seen others from this set of Barbara, but unknown as to where this was originally published, but was reprinted in Magnificent Models No.2. One of my favourite later models of Harrison Marks.

Caroline Coon

A very natural looking Caroline Coon by Harrison Marks on that Rug! 

She appeared in the later issues of Kamera from No.79 onwards. She also starred alongside Harrison Marks in a short film called ‘Amour’ (I have a copy!) and it was shot largely on the bedroom set in Lily Place studios in November, 1966. She also went on to appear in ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ (1967), before giving it all up and becoming an artist, journalist and political activist.

Marina Jones

Another lesser known Jones girl, this time Marian Jones by Harrison Marks who appeared for him in Solo No.46, Kamera No.66, No.67 & No.68, Femme No.11 and the 1966 Kamera Calendar. She also appeared in two glamour movies called ‘Make Mine Roman Style’ and the ‘Model Entry’.  Nice long hair and not the biggest of breasts, but still a nice perky shape to them!


The Magnificence of Monique

The gorgeous curves and rear of Monique Devereaux by Harrison Marks.  I love this shot especially her arse, but does the upward angle of her boob look slightly off, as she was a big busted girl? (Original high resolution version 878 x 1280 over on the Google+)