Jayne Tracey’s Sheer Rear!

Another shot from over on Flickr from R Fitzgerald taken by his father this time of Jayne Tracey, but he has her named as Janice, so maybe that was her real name? A great shot of her posing in sheer white panties and top with what appears to be a long blonde hair extension. I seem to have a thing for sheer tops and panties on models back then, suppose it’s the tease of being able to partially see what was below!

Jayne Tracey – The Sexual Stimulation of Clothes!

Jayne Tracey wearing that red rubber outfit again, this time on the cover of Modern Life Illustrated Vol.1 No.1. Taken from the same shoot as the cover of Pussy Cat No.2, as it has a similar cover and photo’s of Jayne. I bet it was fun getting her in and out of that outfit and I’d have offered a hand or two!