Lyn Hamilton’s Hourglass Figure! (Original)

Lyn Hamilton showing off her perfect hourglass figure and silky smooth mons pubis, in this restored silver gelatin print from the late 1950’s. A very classical nude pose from Lyn with her hands behind her head as she shows off her body. Another great photo from Girlymag that is for sale over on his eBay site.

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Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Shadowed Beauty – Kamera No.19 (1959)

An unknown blonde beauty in two shots posing in front of a window frame from Kamera No.19 (1959). A stunning body, highlighted by the use of lighting and shadows I love the first shot of her and the way the shot shows off the curvy hips.  The second shot has a different focus using the shadows, we get to see the shape of her tits and view of her smooth shaven mons pubis. A perfect combination of pictures, but no idea on who this early GHM model is?