Linda QSL (Readers Wives)

It’s been a while, but a cheeky return of Linda from QSL Guys to the readers wives section.  It’s always good to see Linda and that curvy figure of hers and now you can see even more of her and I do mean even more1 Linda now has a Twitter feed and a Fans Only page for those naughtier images and chats directly with Linda 😉

It seems lockdown has brought out the confident and naughty side of Linda and that is benefiting us all! Members get to see a couple of cheeky views of Linda and more of what you can expect to see over on her Only Fans page! Great to see Linda again and thanks to Chris as well 🙂

QSL Guys – What A Lovely Wench! (Readers Wives)

The long overdue return of the stunning L from QSL Guys with another set of 9 delicious shots. This time L posing in an absolutely fantastic outfit that reminds me of a serving wench from days gone by. I love the whole look from the white ruffled blouse, tight fitting leather style dress and down to the stockings and heels, perfect! L seems to pop out of this outfit at just the right times throughout the set.

For those that follow QSL Guys over on Flickr, these are different from the ones posted there and exclusive to my site. And members get to see several extra shots of L that are slightly more delicious and revealing.

Thanks as always to QSL Guys for these fabulous views of L ?

The Return of QSL Guys

The return of the stunning L from QSL Guys with another set of 3 delicious shots. Again, something for everyone here, well especially me! A black and white shot of L in sheer dress giving us a cheeky flash and two shots of her in black with lipstick in a different place, lucky girl that got to put the lipstick there! And of course you can’t beat a shot using mirrors and reflections, so you see everything in double!

Thanks as always to QSL Guys for these fabulous views of L, as it’s always a pleasure in more than one way 😉

QSL Guys – A Homage to Pamela! (Original)

Well what can I say after receiving this shot of the fabulous L from QSL Guys, but Wow! Earlier in September I posted this page featuring the covers of the Pamela Green Nude Posing Guides I have in my collection and got a lot of great feedback and comments. One was from QSL Guys saying that they loved the first image and may well have to have a go at it  themselves. So what popped up in my inbox a few days later, but several shots similar to the one above.

After reviewing all the images for ages (and very closely) we decided this version was the closest to the original shot on cover 1. I’ve done some minor edits to the shot in cropping it and adjusting the contrast similar to that of the original, but that’s it. What a stunning shot and view of L and a great homage to the fabulous Pamela Green on the cover of her posing guide.

A big thank you must go to QSL Guys for doing this homage and sending it over, as I absolutely love it! It’s such a thrill to see someone that enjoys the images and site to replicate some of the shots and poses seen here and do it so well 🙂

The Fabulous Views of QSL Guys

I’d like to introduce another fabulous ‘Readers Wife’ and member of this site in the shapely form of QSL Guys. I’ve known these guys for a while over on Flickr and again it seems we have several interests in common. Mrs QSL loves to dress in a slightly provocative but smart manner, particularly with stockings and suspenders and Mr loves to photograph her and enjoys the reactions of others to her fabulous curves. She loves to wear sexy lingerie, including Aubade underwear with stockings and suspenders on most days.

To say I’m happy they want to appear here under the readers wives section is an understatement, as I just love Mrs QSL and her outfits, especially the sheer stuff showing of that body below! I also make no apology for showing off shots of her rear view as I just love it and some of the shots in the gallery below of her bending over just send me into a hot sweat, amongst other things.

Thanks to them both for sharing all these stunning shots with me and you can find them over on Flickr here, so do go say Hi and that you saw them here 🙂