Études Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s)

The cover of Études Moderne by Harrison Marks (1950’s) featuring Pamela Green with short dark hair. This was an early GHM publication featuring 32 pages of nude studies, mostly Pamela Green as herself with short dark hair, blonde or as Rita Landre, but with the odd other model interspersed amongst the Pam shots. Thanks to Firebird Records for a copy of this fantastic early Harrison Marks publication

Gloria Lomax – A Glorious Day in Devon! (Originals)

A small but perfect set of shots of Gloria Lomax taken by Terry Sparks on a beach down in Devon in the summer of 1966. Terry sent this set of scans copied from his collection on SVHS tape, hence the lower size and quality and didn’t think they would be worth sharing! I disagree as it’s Gloria Lomax and stuff we’ve never seen before from Terry, so always worth seeing regardless of size.

I love the first close-up shot of Gloria, with the shadows across her face and the water drops across her small pert tits, a brilliant shot and I do wish I had a better copy of that one to enjoy, but I can’t complain. Thanks to Terry as always for a glimpse into his world back then.


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June Palmer – And There Goes The Bathrobe! (Original)

An original from my collection of June with long hair posing against a cliff face backdrop as she opens up and prepares to drop a bathrobe she was wearing. This shot is more of a tease than anything else, as we start to see June’s body with a glimpse of bum and boob, but not much else. Oh the anticipation!


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Joanna’s Bare Beach View (Original)

June Palmer as Joanna Kent posing on the beach with the colourful lion towel that has appeared in these shots before. This original comes from John and his massive June archive, so thanks as always to him for sharing his June shots here 🙂


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June Palmer – Rocks & Crevices!

Another scanned print of a nude June posing amongst the rocks on location, this time wearing what looks to be a short wig. A perfect shot of her curved hips in this pose and just a hint of her own crevice on view 🙂

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