Vicky From Vue No.5 (1963)

Three wonderful pages of Vicky (Margaret Nolan) from Vue No.5 (1963) scanned from the original magazine and an article I’d not come across before? Thanks must go to Nils, who is a regular commenter on this blog, as he sent me this magazine and one other all the way from Sweden.

More to come from this magazine, as it includes many other familiar faces from the 1960’s and this blog.

Thanks again Nils!

Audrey Crane

Another early model for Harrison Marks this time Audrey Crane from Kamera No.37 (1961) and credited as ‘Currently appearing at the Casino de Paris, London’. She also appeared in Kamera No.38 and In Focus No.3 & No.15 and details of her time and appearances at the Casino de Paris, London and it’s history can be found … Here

Dawn Grayson – Lady In The Lake

Beautiful shot of Dawn Grayson in long negligee posing knee deep in a lake from ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964). I’m not sure I’d be that happy posing in the water like that, but all for one’s art!