Caroline Coon & The Very See Through Negligee

In fact it’s so see through was it worth wearing! Even so a great colour shot of Caroline Coon from the 1960’s wearing black stockings and panties, with a hint of pubic hair above the pantie line and wondeerful curvy hips.

Hazel Taylor & The Fishnet Leotard!

Another two shots of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from Pussy Cat No.2. This time posing in a very see through fishnet leotard with a nice little bow around the waist! She obviously liked the fishnet top look as she wore a similar top here

Gloria Lomax & The Transparent Negligee

Gloria Lomax or Donna Ambrose, whichever you prefer to call her posing next to a very ornate bottle that I’m sure I’ve seen Jackie Parker pose with as well. What was the point of the negligee other than the photographer can say she’s not nude, but she might as well be it’s so transparent! There’s even a hint of pussy showing, which for this type of shot usually found in QT by Russell Gay was quite daring. Still a wonderful shot of Gloria whatever way you look at it.

June & Cigarettes

This comes from the cartoon page of Carnival Magazine in the 1960’s (Unknown date).  It shows June in a see through bikini or underwear set, including a baby doll holding a cigarette.  

What is interesting about this shot is the wide acceptance of posing with cigarettes in the 1960’s in magazines of this type.  I’ve come across many other similar shots where the model is posing smoking or holding a cigarette and have several of June in the 60’s and 70’s holding cigarette’s in formally posed shots as well as snapshots.  I know attitudes towards smoking have changed over the years as we realized what it does to your health, but it still seems strange seeing June and models posing with them! 

June was a smoker throughout most of her career and life, so there are many more examples of her smoking in images, so this is filed under ‘June Smoking’ as I publish other examples later.