Hanna’s Follies, Part 2 (1970’s)

The second part of a small set of Hanna posing on the bed, the first set of images were posted here. In this second set we get more of a glimpse of Hanna’s perfect pussy, but it’s still done subtly compared to other sets of her where little is left to the imagination. I much prefer leaving some things unseen and the imagination doing the work for you! I also think this is my favourite period of Hanna, with her hair longer and the body slightly matured, but still in excellent shape. Beyond this point she becomes more slutty in her poses and more open in what she does, not that I’m complaining about that period either!


Hanna’s Follies! (1970’s)

The start of a small set of Hanna Viek from the 1970’s posing on a bed in open baby doll and giving us a great view of her magnificent tits and a hint of pussy in the middle shot.  I know she went on to show a lot more in typical 1970’s spread shots and some hardcore shoots, but I much prefer these earlier type of glamour shots, as they leave more to your imagination!


June Russell – See Through Strip (1950’s)

Three cheeky shots of June Russell posing and stripping out of a see through baby doll nighty, using her reflection in the mirror for added effect. I love the sheer nighty in all shots and panties in the bottom shot that’s allowing us to see just a glimpse of June beneath the panties, perfect!
Again these three shots came from R Fitzgerald and were taken by his father, who seems to have photographed several 1950/60’s models in various locations in his time, probably at a studio open to amateur photographers?