June Palmer – A Brolly Good Show! (Original)

An early colour shot of June posing with just an umbrella as cover! Restored from an original colour negative from John, this shows a young June posing nude with just an umbrella as a prop. I’m not sure if this was ever published, but I’m sure I’ve seen this shot or similar with the umbrella somewhere before, but at the moment exactly where escapes me.


Jackie Lippiatt – A Lady Always Wears a Hat! (Original)

After seeing Jackie’s rear view bent over the chaise lounge in this shot, time for the front view! This time a colour shot of Jackie Lippiatt from Terry Sparks , giving us a  front view of her figure and pussy. Nice sheepskin rug, but I’m not sure about the big floppy hat she’s wearing, but hay who’s looking at the hat!


A Classy Rear View! (Original)

A shot of Jackie Lippiatt bending over a chaise lounge and showing off her wonderful figure and rear view on a Victorian set complete with umbrella! Taken in the 1970’s by Terry Sparks and sent over to me when I was doing my rear view posts one day, but I never got round to posting it. Thankfully it’s too good a shot to leave unpublished, so share this classy rear view for all to enjoy now and thanks to Terry for sharing.