Brides in the Bath – Part 2 (Video)

So as promised part 2 of the full version of ‘Brides in the Bath’.
This film was based loosely around the true life story of serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith.  I won’t bore you with the details, but if your interested in the real story there is a link here
The story behind this film can be found over on part 1
Highlights of this part, the can-can girls including Jayne Tracey and of course George’s third wife in the shape of June Palmer and another bath scene!

Actresses in this part are listed below, again some I cannot identify, so let me know if you spot any?


George (?)

Can-Can Girl No.1 (?)

Can-Can Girl No.2 (Jayne Tracey)

Can-Can Girl No.3 (?)

Mistress (Same as Can-Can Girl No.3?)

Wife No.3 (June Palmer)

For those wanting to skip through things Jayne Tracey starts at 2:30 minutes and June Palmer at 14 minutes

So I leave you to enjoy part 2 of ‘Brides in the Bath’, which completes this never before seen video from Arthur Howell and featuring June Palmer.

Next… Another never before seen June Palmer video called ‘Triangle’ featuring June as Little Bo-Peep, an image of which can be seen on her Wikipedia page … Here

P.S. If the video fails at any point, do let me know 🙂



Note: This is an original video and subject to this copyright notice.

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