Maria Prokaine – The Girl Who Wanted To Live Dangerously!

Maria Prokaine (Marie Provost) from the tri-coloured pages of Parade Magazine No.1228 (22nd June, 1963).  All shots look like they were taken on the stairs or in the main doorway of Ewhurst Manor, still not sure about the beehive hairstyle she has though!

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  1. As a connoisseur of inane blurbs, I have to say this one is a classic. To begin with, we are told Maria was a knife thrower&#39;s assistant, but now she demonstrates dance crazes such as the Golly-golly. Yes, I remember the Golly-golly: my little social circle dance it all the time along with the Gosh-gosh and the Blimey-blimey. <br /><br />As for the lady: the hairstyle is weird, but look at


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