Unknown Curvy Model by Harrison Marks (1960)

My new favourite unknown model by Harrison Marks! Anyone know who she is because the curves and huge tits are fantastic on her and I think she gives Paula Page and Ann Austin a run for their money in the boob size department. She appears twice in Kamera No.25 (1960) including this wonderful shot.
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  1. she is a cracker! Love to see more of her!<br /><br /> roop

  2. I have seen her on another site as &#39;Lustra&#39; (no last name). She indeed rivals Paula Page!<br />Jeff

  3. Correction: myarchives.net<br />Jeff

  4. ah, the long lost &#39;myachive.net&#39; – gone but not forgotten<br /><br /> roop

  5. I have had a look in part at some of the MyArchives site. The site does have a Harrison Marks section, in fact forty four ( 44 ) pages of images. I haven&#39;t looked through yet but the site does have an other section in the pre 1980&#39;s called &quot; Lustra &quot;. There are a total of sixteen ( 16 ) images, and whilst there are similarities, I remain unconvinced its the same person.

  6. It isn&#39;t going. I&#39;ll put my hand up that it was a bit tongue in cheek how I worded my last post, expecting someone to bite. What I have is what I downloaded as I did make the odd contribution there. I haven&#39;t gone through the GHM postings as of yet, but have taken a second look at the Lustra postings. I&#39;ll concede that two of the images bear a reasonably good resemblance, so it

  7. Have forwarded the two in question

  8. Sorry but its the best I have.

  9. It wasn&#39;t taken as such. So what&#39;s your opinion ?

  10. Have just had a look at 25, and the other pic bears resemblance to the other pics I have. I&#39;ll pass a couple more over to you

  11. looking forward to seeing them as well sometime!<br /><br /> roop

  12. I have had a look through the GHM pictures which I had from the My Archives site and it appears there are no more images of this model

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