Who is Lustra?

There has been a great discussion on who the unknown curvy model is on this earlier post, kicked off by myself when I posted the first of two shots where she appears in Kamera No.25. The second shot from No.25 can be seen above, plus further evidence below that she also appeared and modelled under the name ‘Lustra’
Evidence suggests that these two shots are almost defiantly the same model that appeared in Kamera, as the facial features are the same as are the size and shape of her tits 🙂 The following two are less definitive, but probably her as well, with the bottom shot the lesser of the four.
Thanks must go to Jeff for suggesting the name Lustra and PhilD for providing the photographic evidence from the long lost ‘MyArchives’ site. We’re still no nearer actually getting a proper name for this well endowed model, but we now know she was known as or modelled as ‘Lusta’.  Any more insight or evidence on this model would be gratefully accepted as always 🙂
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  1. she&#39;s a cracker, little bit on the large side (in a good way!) and the top picture here and the picture on the previous post were very flattering – but all good!<br /><br /> roop

  2. Is a name that important really, other than the name the model regularly worked under and who is subsequently known by. Most models in that era used a pseudonym for fear of their real identities being known, ( or their parents finding out ).

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