Lorraine Burnett – Bursting Out At The Beach! (Original)

Lorraine Burnett bursting out of her one piece swimming costume down on the beach from a restored print. That costume looks a bit tight for someone with a large bust like Lorraine, thank god it’s got a zip up the front, although I’m not sure it would close up over those ample tits! The costume also looks a little snug down below as she seems to have a bit of a camel toe going on!

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  1. that’s a great picture, must be part of a set, Loz is always good value

  2. A question has always intrigued about Lorraine, I wonder who it was at the beginning of her modelling career, who must have told her; “you’ll be great, just get your tits out, but keep your mouth closed”

  3. O/H reckons swimsuit is on backwards!

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