Cheryl Peters – Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.27 Cover (1969)

Cheryl Peters on the cover of Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.27 (1969) posing in a very nice sheer black negligee. Girl Illustrated must be one of my favourite vintage magazines outside of Harrison Marks publications. The size and quality of the publication was exceptional, which shows today as copies still look good and go for high prices when up for sale. They were also full some of my favourite 1960’s/70’s models including many that posed for GHM.

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  1. Have to agree about “Girl Illustrated” excellent mag, curiously on the shelf it could often appear really quite inoffensive and innocuous. But on the inside…well the print quality was superb. Admittedly it reproduced a variety of photographers work, but it definitely picked the best.

    Its a great shame there is nothing quite like it available now. If I had a pile of Kamera mags and a pile of Girl Illustrated and had to dispose of one of them, I would be very hard pushed for the choice, but I think in the end I would plump to keep the Girl Illustrated. With due apologies to your good self.

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