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So here we are yet again! Thanks to people who think it’s OK to log on to the site and take multiple images and post them to other sites to boost their own ego I’m having to re-evaluate who can access what on the site. I don’t mind people using the original images on this site, if they ask and credit the site, but to just blatantly take images by bulk, remove watermarks and post elsewhere is just unacceptable and damned rude! I know once images are out there on the net it’s hard to control them, but some people just take the piss!

Therefore, with immediate effect membership is restricted and will be subject to approval and a one off subscription charge of  £25 ($25). I will also be making much more content members only going forward with less of the original content available publically.

To the existing members, contributors, donors and friends, firstly sorry I’ve had to do this as I value all your input, knowledge and images you send for the site. I know who you are and your membership is valued and will continue without restriction and you should be able to log into the site as normal. Other members will also continue to have access for the time being, but at the end of April I will be removing members that aren’t active on the site and they will have to register again and be subject to the subscription charge. Can I ask that all members that want to continue having access please login at least once in the next few weeks please?

Again I’m really sorry to do this, but a small majority have ruined it for all the genuine supporters and fans out there, but I hope you understand the position I’m taking. Any issues or questions, either leave a comment below or contact me via the contact page.

Thanks again for all the support of the site.


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  1. I think it is very sad that some people treat you like this, it leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth. I regard you and the site as a very valuable friend in my older age and do hope that your new measures are effective. Very best wishes.

    • Thank you minkstoat and thankfully it’s feedback from people like yourself that keep me doing it, as a large percentage of visitors appreciate the site. I hope you continue to enjoy the site 🙂

  2. Many thanks to you for all your efforts. Unfortunately the internet makes such abuse all too easy. A friend of mine who is an artist googled a subject and found pictures she had done on an academic site without credit being given. Another time direct copies of her work she tripped across locally being passed off by someone else. The real value of your work is the extra information you give and copiers have little interest in this.

    • John I know it’s not easy to keep good content where you want it as both your artist friend and I know to our cost! I hope the additional information I do add to my posts does add more value than just looking at the models and that’s all part of the appeal to me as well. Thanks for the kind comments and continued support of the site as a member 🙂

  3. Its a bit like secrets. If you want them to remain just that, then tell no one. Tell one person and you may as well tell the world.

    • I like the analogy Phil, but it’s not about keeping things secret it’s about sharing the images and information with people that enjoy and respect them and the effort put into sharing them.

      • My point is that if something is put into the public domain, it will be taken and re used. If not then it cant. Having said that, if people subscribed to this ideology, there wouldn’t be much of an internet. I think time will show that whatever price tag you put on a membership subscription, it wont stop what’s going on, nor will it change some peoples cavalier attitude to the time and effort you put into this, and other sites. Another point of note is that pay sites get robbed, some deservedly as that’s how they got their content.

        • Phil I don’t disagree with anything you are saying, as I’m a realist and understand that if people really want to take stuff from the site they can and will. Will making members pay for access stop it, no it won’t but it may make them think twice, but at least they have to provide proper contact details, whereas before registration wasn’t really validated. I’m not trying to make money out of this as the minimal fee wouldn’t recover the costs of lost images or running the site, but make people think 🙂

          I agree about other pay sites as even some of my stuff appears on some and they hide behind the fact they got it out on the net regardless of it’s origin.

  4. I wish you well with your attempts to restore the integrity of your site.

    Ready and willing with £20.

  5. Cruising through softcore models section on VEF and there are my scans from pinupmemories .. same thing, logo chopped off – that is probably the bit that grates, i wouldn’t mind so much if they kept the logo

    • Kevin, yes that’s exactly my point, not that my stuff is out there, but that they took it and made the effort to remove watermarks before posting elsewhere! If they asked or left the watermarks or credited the site I’d feel less annoyed about it all!

  6. I am very sorry to read what has happened, sadly some people think that everything is free and help themselves to whatever they like. Very bad show I say. Buying magazines, negatives and prints can be a very costly hobby, and I for one am extremely grateful that you share these lovely images of a bygone era with us.

  7. Are you setting a new membership pay system, or should we use the “donate” at the top of the page?

  8. Sorry you’re having this problem. I haven’t yet found a way to save the pics, so I don’y know how the toerags worked this one.

  9. Totally understandable, so don’t worry.

  10. If I make a donation how would it appear on my bank statement? I mean, there are certain things that the wife may question if noticed . . .

  11. Chiming in to add to the growing list of supportive comments. It’s your time, your (considerable) efforts, and your site — so make it work for you!

  12. Having suffered myself from my photographs appearing with other persons accreditation, I sympathise with your problems. I have today donated to the site. Good luck, keep the good work going.

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