June Palmer – Shadow of The Veils! (Original)

June Palmer posing in the shadows from a restored 10 by 8 print sent over by John W from his collection. Plenty of sheer material in use here, including some that seems to be tucked into the black belt she is wearing.  I also love the way that black belt is pulled tight and bites into her hips. June at her best and in her prime 🙂

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  1. Brilliant pose. Sheer material like this always suggests “slave-girl” to me, especially when the belt acts as a restraint…..

  2. Has she got something tied around her mouth too? There’s some odd shape there.

    • Yes it looks like she has something in her mouth, but on the full version it’s just an odd shadow cast by the light going through the material she is holding up and reflection onto her face 🙂


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