Madeline Collinson – Smooth & Uncensored! (Original)

I published this shot of Madeline Collinson by Harrison Marks back in 2014, but that was a scan of a very poor print and things have moved on since then. Now I have the original negative plus a few more, so thought it was time to update the image with a much crisper and cleaner shot. A much better view of Madeline’s figure and smooth neat mound as she poses in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor 🙂

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  1. Perfectly shaven, lovely full frontal pose, Depilation really enhances the nude female form. Wonder’s ‘ work has been really worth it.

  2. As seen in HM,s film, along with her twin sister Mary. The film is Halfway Inn, one of HM, Maximus films. Maltese girls.

  3. Nice ‘almost smooth’ shot – the slight stubble is alluring in its own way!

  4. A beautiful “mound” indeed

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