Cheri Pinegar – A Perfect Use of Cling Film! (Original)

I love this creative shot of a busty model in white boots and stockings playing with cling film. I assume she’s a US model from the early 1970’s but that is a pure guess, but I would love to know who she is, as I have several different shots of her? Regardless of who she is I love this shot of her big smile and bigger hanging tits as she plays with the cling film, which you can just see through and glimpse her hairy pussy as well.

Thanks to Kev for reminding me that the model is actually Cheri Pinegar 🙂

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  1. I listed a couple and knew she had an ID a big busty mag model from the 70’s Cheri Pinegar

  2. Wow…wonder if she made cling film panties and bra now there’s an idea


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