Kathie Gale by Harrison Marks (Original)

Kathie Gale by Harrison Marks in a kneeling pose in the living room of GHM’s flat. Until recently Kathie was down as another unknown, but I came across some other negatives of her that were named and associated the two.

A beautiful figure with a nice smooth mound and love the freckles, but a bit of a harsh haircut and another beauty to add to the model list 🙂

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  1. A nice ‘Julie Driscoll’ look. The shaven mound looks particularly smooth and inviting. I wonder if Harrison ever got to cop a feel?

  2. Perfect shaved shot – super!

  3. Agreed. Nice figure enhanced by depilation.

  4. I used to prefer the shaven look, but now I’m in two mounds (sorry, minds) having enjoyed looking at all the full bushes appearing on this site.

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