An Underexposed Clyda! (1973)

Clyda Rosen on the cover of Fiesta Vol.7 No.9 (Sept 1973) looking rather demur and underexposed! I suppose we are used to seeing rather more of Cylda than we do in this shot, as even her large tits are partially covered and she’s kept her knickers on for now. I suppose it is the cover of Fiesta and there is only so far you can go on a fairly mainstream top shelf mens magazine in the 70’s 🙂

A Polite Reminder … Again!

It seems that yet again people are taking my images from the site and using them on other sites for their own personal gain! This time my larger unwatermarked images have appeared, which means unfortunately it’s a member, despite paying a fee and agreeing to the rules here!

To be honest I’m getting fed up of it and I’ll happily stop the larger images and go back to 640 pixel images with watermarks for everyone. It will actually save me lots of time and effort, despite the fact most enjoy the larger images. I put a lot of effort into the quality of the site and images and there aren’t many better quality sites and images out there from original sources such as mine, so I suppose I should be flattered that mine appear regularly.

I’m due to go away for a break next week, so I’ll take the time to ponder my next steps and if I can be bothered to carry on!

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Julie Collins – Full of Bounce! (Original)

A big and bouncy view of a very happy and delicious looking Julie Collins by Harrison Marks. Julie was a later model for Harrison Marks appearing from the mid 1960’s onwards with this shot taken on the Lantern Cottage set with her sat in a multicoloured deckchair showing off her ample assets!

Julie was a fully natural model and I just love her big tan lined tits and great figure 🙂

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