Wendy James – Oriental Rear! (Original)

Wendy James by Harrison Marks on the Chinese Garden Set. Although this comes from the original negative this shot of Wendy appeared in Kamera No.81 P40 (1967).

A great side on view of her figure, just showing one perky little boob and her little pert ass πŸ™‚


An Exciting Delivery!

An exciting (excuse the pun) delivery in the post this morning from a new contact in Austria. A collection of European magazines from the late 1960’s and some titles I’ve been after for a while. These magazines are more for my own collection rather than the site, but I’m bound to share them on here.

A collection of Cover Girl and Exciting magazines published by Nordisk Bladcentral, Copenhagen, plus a few other random magazines I’ll come on to in a minute. The Cover Girl & Exciting magazines were really exciting to see once opened, as they are unread! Yes, they are in mint condition, never read and like new. The cover and centre pages are glossy colour and immaculate and the pages are crisp and clean. You wouldn’t believe looking at them that these were published around 1965 and are 55 years old! I’m really please with Cover Girl No.12 featuring Nicole Isimat πŸ™‚

Now onto the other magazines I received and these were for the site. These were Labelle Color No.10 and Lido No.6. Both caught my attention as they featured UK models on the cover I recognised in Gloria Lomax and Gerry Brown. Being for the European market the covers are uncensored, so I wondered if the contents were uncensored as well? My guess was correct, plus plenty of surprises inside!

Labelle is dedicated to Donna Ambros (Gloria Lomax) and is full of uncensored shots of Gloria I have never seen before. Lido, likewise is full of uncensored shots inside and all of well known UK based models. These include Christine Carter, Terry Peters, Gwen Ford and many other models that posed for Harrison Marks. The big surprise in this magazine is several shots of Nicky Stevens, fully uncensored and showing everything! I don’t think I’ve ever seen or have any shots of Nicky showing so much. Again both magazines are in brilliant condition and hardly touched.

Some great additions to my collection and plenty to keep me busy over the coming weeks. Another order has been placed for more of these great magazines, plus a few additional titles I’ve never seen before but look like they feature more models we all know showing more πŸ˜‰


Not Your Typical Coffee Table Books!

A couple of the deliveries this week, but some books rather than prints or negatives. The books in question were both published by Taschen and featured the work of Serge Jacques, so not your typical coffee table books you could leave out for guests to flick through!

The first book was titled Icons with the orange cover and featured 190 pages of Jacques work, with many of them typical front and rear shots as shown below. There’s a small introduction about his life and work and how he pushed the boundaries of uncensored glamour shots.

The second book, which I believe was the earlier book of the two was much bigger at 766 pages. The cover is the same as the first book, but not as arty. The spine also features a great shot of Margaret Nolan. The book is split into several sections featuring Jacques work on Folies De Paris Et De Hollywood, at the studio, downtown and in the country. But all of the photo’s have the signature Serge Jacques style of naturally uncensored shots. His groundbreaking nudes in the 1950’s were often deemed obscene because he revealed his models’ pubic hair. He Faced countless arrests, blacklists, and regular raids on his studio and darkroom.

Two great books full of uncensored open legged shots, but the small one does duplicate a lot from he bigger book. There are also some surprises, like shots of Ann Austin, June Palmer and other GHM models that posed for Jacques.

Incidentally, I also have an original black and white uncensored print of the model that poses on the covers. I’ll have to post at some point πŸ˜‰


Angela Duncan – An Ample Helping! (Original)

Several new sets of negatives arrived this week, including a set of my favourite model Angela Duncan. The sets are all 35mm black and white negatives from Jason Studio’s in the 1960’s and 70’s. 

This ample helping of Angela came from a set taken at Jason Studio’s in 1970. What a delicious shot of her figure in just black suspender belt and stockings. Showing off those beautiful big tits and smooth pussy with just the slightest hint of more. She modelled under her name Trudy Eyre for this particular set πŸ™‚


The Amorous Eva (Original)

A second shot of Eva Nieman from the set of the Harrison Marks glamour film β€˜The Amorous Masseur’. A beautifully uncensored shot of Eva posing in black stockings and suspender belt that frames that smooth pussy perfectly πŸ™‚

Coincidentally I have also received a new set of 35mm negatives of Eva from Paul from Firebird. Not as revealing as this shot, but equally as enjoyable and more of them to come in future posts.