Selling Things Off

Well I’m coming up to another successful year with the site. Even if it has been quiet due to personal issues at the start of the year!

I’ve been selling items off slowly as my collection is massive now. I’ve done this through known contacts and via eBay. I’ve now decided its time to really thin out the collection and get rid of everything I don’t really need for 2 reasons. 1 it takes a lot of space in the house and I’m getting some jip from my better half ?. Second it helps keep the site running as costs are increasing to keep it hosted and store the scans and images.

So I will continue trying to sell on eBay, but they are making it more and more difficult to sell items they class as adult and containing nudity. I just had several removed because they didn’t fit in thier ever changing policy!

I will also sell items on here again which has the added benefit of fixed prices and reduced costs. So if you are interested in anything you see on the site and I still have it do let me know and contact me here.

More details of what I’m selling coming in a while ☺

Another Day, Another Deckchair!

Another shot of 1960’s UK model Brenda Wilson in the garden. Posing topless in open cardigan, black stockings and sheer panties sat in a deckchair.

I love sunny days with views like this 🙂

Don’t Panic!

Everything all OK this end I’ve just gone quiet because I’m taking a break and actually enjoying the weather. I’ll be off on holiday for a week and heading to the coast for some rest and recuperation in the sun. Still on operation so have that to look forward to on my return, but at least I’ll have had a break away 🙂

Another Unplanned Hiatus

Sorry everyone but another unplanned hiatus on posts for the site I’m afraid 🙁

I was again rushed into hospital last Saturday with an ongoing medical issue and here I remain. It looks likely I’ll be out of action for a few weeks while this is resolved, so the site will be quiet. Hopefully once I’m fit normal service will be resumed.