June Palmer – Driving You Close to Drink! (Original)

Another original from JAS of June, this time posing in a bikini/frilly underwear set as she bends over the back of a vintage car. I’d not seen this shot or any others from the same set, so a new one to me, but another shot to add to the ‘June & Cars‘ set. Interestingly it looks to have been taken in someone’s back garden as you can see a swimming pool in the background, but the car does look rather close to that pool!

Thanks to JAS for sharing this great June shot.

Ann Walker – A Great Bonnet Adornment!

Ann Walker looking stunning as she poses on the bonnet of Russell Gay’s car, but can’t tell what make the actual car is, but I’m sure Terry will enlighten us? I also have several other shots of Ann posing with the car, both inside and out, if I can find them 😉

Maxine King (1965)

Maxine King sat on the bonnet of the white Buick car that appears in other editions of Kamera, but this is taken from Kamera No.65 (1965). Maxine’s small frame and perky little tits only make a few appearances in Kamera No.65, No.66, No.67 & No.78, but still an enjoyable view.

Dawn Grayson – A Figure That Opens Doors!

Another shot of Dawn Grayson posing with the white Buick car in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, this time a better quality shot than the others.  Looking at the the other shots of Dawn with the white Buick here it’s difficult to work out if it’s a left or right hand drive as some of the shots have been reversed! Anyway ignore the car and enjoy the curves of DG 🙂

Very Nice Convertible Joanna!

June Palmer as Joanna Kent posing in a very nice convertible!  The tax disc puts the year at 1969 I think, but can anyone identify the type of car, when you’ve stopped looking at her legs that is!  Love the dress she’s wearing and I’m sure I’ve seen that belt used before. 

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