Paula & Caron – Nautical Nudes! (Original)

A very blonde looking Paula Page & Caron Gardner posing on the back of Harrison Marks’ motorboat ‘Pyewacket’. It looked like a lovely day for messing about on the water and shots similar to this along with others featuring Pamela Green on the boat appeared in Kamera No.33 (1960). I would also say that they filmed the black and white 8mm Glamour film No.104 ‘Nautical Nudes’ at the same time.

Caron and Paula look very sun kissed and tanned in this shot, although Caron does look a little serious!

Caron’s Slick Look (Original)

Caron Gardner from a restored silver gelatin print sent over by Girlymag. It looks like someone has been around with the baby oil, as Caron’s body looks very slick and glistening in the light. No idea who took the shot, but the star wallpaper in the background is familiar, so could be GHM? God knows what’s happening with the mural in the background, as it took me a while to notice it was sideways on!

Caron Gardner – All Oiled & Ready to Go! (Original)

Or should that be – Apply liberally and rub as required 🙂
A great side profile shot of a nude and oiled Caron Garden from an original print from Girlymag.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Caron’s Kinky Outlook! (1962)

Caron Gardner from a restored 35mm slide dated September 1962, where she manages to look both sophisticated with a hint of kinky all at the same time! There’s so much going on in this view from the elegance of the stockings and earrings Caron is wearing, contrasted by the cut-out bra squeezing her tits up and out, plus the corset cover by the sheer panties! Plenty to keep a red blooded male busy!

Caron Gardener – Subtle in Silver

A vastly under published model on here Caron Gardner posing for Russell Gay or team in long silver gloves. As an aside I’m attending an MCM Comic Con at Birmingham on Sunday 23rd November and two of the guests are Caron Gardner and Margaret Nolan! May see if I can get a few pics and autographs if I get chance 🙂

Caron Gardner’s Risky Rear View

Two uncensored shots of Caron Gardner wearing just high heels and giving us a rear view of more than we normally see.  Taken from two restored 35mm slides in September 1962, which were originally colour but converted to black and white as so badly faded. Two great views of Caron, especially the top shot 🙂

Caron Gardner – Uncensored & Exposed

A more explicit shot of Caron Gardner than we are normally used to seeing, wearing nothing more than black high heels! Taken from an original colour 35mm slide, but unfortunately the colour had degraded so badly I have to convert it to black & white to recover it! The slide was dated September, 1962, but photographer remains unknown. Interesting grooming style Caron is sporting in the pubic region with some hair, but kept trimmed and very low down, not that I’m any expert on hair styles in that area!

Caron Gardiner

Another GHM model that appeared on her own in Solo No.17, but also appeared in  Kamera No.22, No.28, No.33, No.39, No.42, No.43 and No.58. She also appeared in the glamour films ‘Model Mix-Up’ and ‘Nautical Nudes’ with Paula Page. She also modelled for other photographers of the time including Russell Gay.