An Underexposed Clyda! (1973)

Clyda Rosen on the cover of Fiesta Vol.7 No.9 (Sept 1973) looking rather demur and underexposed! I suppose we are used to seeing rather more of Cylda than we do in this shot, as even her large tits are partially covered and she’s kept her knickers on for now. I suppose it is the cover of Fiesta and there is only so far you can go on a fairly mainstream top shelf mens magazine in the 70’s 🙂

Maxine – Fiesta Magazine (Nov 1956)

Two shots of Maxine Ellis from Fiesta magazine (Nov 1956) posing with a multi-coloured crochet blanket, used in various ways to cover her modesty for some reason.  Taken by Harrison Marks these a typical shots for Fiesta at that time, before moving to the slightly more risqué topless views.

Another Model Revealed!

Last Friday I published this shot of a model with trimmed tan-lines and said I hadn’t got a clue who the model was? Well not only has Terry provided the models name and image above, but reminded me that she also appeared in this earlier shot sent through by Terry. The model is of course April Dawson and the above contact sheet style images come from the inside cover of Fiesta Vol.2 No.1 (March 1968).

Thanks to Terry for jogging my memory and I’ll update the unknown model lists now I know who she is, again!

Caroline Coon – Moves Like Jagger!

A great shot of Caroline Coon from the 1970’s that appeared in Fiesta and was taken by Terry Sparks, which also had an accompanying little story from Terry about Caroline and her friend, which will make the above title a little clearer. Story from Terry below:

Also enclosed is one of my shots of Caroline Coon scanned from a page in Fiesta. I worked with her several times and I got to know her quite well and one day she brought her flatmate in to see me, an American girl called Marsha Hunt. Marsha was desperate for money and so I did a stills session with her and also an 8mm Glamour film shot at Ewhurst. She was very difficult to work with, full of her own importance and not really wanting to be photographed but needed the cash. A few weeks later she landed a part in the original London stage production of Hair and then later she met Mick Jagger and they had a child called Karis.  I knew Mick Jagger vaguely as we both attended the same Grammar School, although he was a few years behind me.  As  far as I know, none of my pics of Marsha were ever published, I have a suspicion she may have done a deal with Russell Gay after landing her part in Hair, but I am only guessing.

I just love these little stories that come from Terry with his pictures as they give us a snapshot of things back then.  Terry calls them bits of useless information, but I disagree 🙂

Tiffany’s Kinky Boots (1968)

Just loving this shot of Tiffany St. Clair (Pam Arnold) from Fiesta Vol.2 No.2 (April 1968) in those shiny black high boots! What a view as she sits on the dressing table looking at you from the reflection in the mirror.

Christine Jensen & The Squirrel! (1968)

Two shots of Christine Jensen from a shoot by Terry Sparks that appeared on a couple of Russell Gay publications or work purported to be by Russell Gay! The first is Fiesta Vol. 1 No.11 (Jan 1968) and the second a Whitestone Book No.84, British Figure Beauty. Christine looks great on both covers, just not sure about that squirrel!
Thanks to Terry for sharing these great covers of Christine.

There’s No Flies on Pam Arnold (1968)

The above image is of Pam Arnold/Tiffany St.Clair on the cover of Fiesta Magazine Vol.2 No.1 (March 1968) and was sent through by Terry with another great little story. Rather than paraphrase it I’ll post it as sent by Terry as I’m sure he won’t mind and it will make the post title become clear. Anyway over to Terry …
‘Today I saw Pam Arnold on your website and it reminded me of the times I worked with her. One of the first shoots was in the studio and the attached Fiesta cover was one of the resulting pictures, but mostly we used her for filming. At that time Russell Gay had a good outlet in Denmark and we used to supply them with 16mm films depicting the so called “Joy” of nudism. Invariably it involved two girls and a guy prancing around on a beach, throwing large balls about. Any excuse! Pam did a couple of these, once working with Lena Ellis, but I can`t remember who the other girl was in the second film. We were shooting at Pegwell Bay when there was a rather odd incident I recall. Mid afternoon we were suddenly engulfed by a swarm of small black flies. Unfortunately they all insisted on landing on Pam’s pubic area and more or less ignored the rest of us. All very embarrassing for the poor girl, no matter how many she tried to brush off they just kept returning to her most sensitive spot. Finally she threw a major wobbly and we had to pack up and move a lot further along the beach. I think that was the last time we worked with her and I am pretty sure that was when she went to GHM.’
What a fab little story and one worth sharing and I’m sure should Pam ever read this she wouldn’t mind! A big thanks to Terry again for another wonderful little story and accompanying image – Thanks Terry! Also one of the best scans of a Early Fiesta cover I’ve seen, so Terry must have kept it in good nick!

Marilyn Monroe – Fiesta Magazine, July 1957

Not my normal post, but one I couldn’t resist! I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan and I used to post images of her on an old blog, but there are so many images out there of her I got a little bored! I came across these shots and hadn’t seen them before and they were in an early Fiesta Magazine (July 1957), along with some other of my favourite models.  Anyway I loved the classic cover and her as the centrefold, so decided to post on here for a change 🙂