Franni Leigh – Skirt No.25 Cover

Fanni Leigh (Polly Eltes) on the cover of Skirt No.25 with the photo taken by Terry Sparks. I always like it when I come across a published image either on the cover or within the pages of a vintage magazine that I also have in my original collection and this falls into that category. I recently published a similar black and white version of Franni by Terry here, then what do I find on my travels but a magazine cover featuring one of the shots, but in colour. Unfortunately I don’t have any colour shots from this set of Franni, but at least I now know the colour of her top!

It’s always quite satisfying when you see a shot like above and can identify the model, photographer and date it was taken. The original shots were taken in August of 1972, so one assumes this was published later 72 or 73? Unfortunately I only found the cover, so no idea if Franni went on to reveal more on the inside pages!

The Fabulous Franni Leigh! (Original)

Another shot by Terry Sparks from my collection of his contact sheets and this time featuring Franni Leigh, who has already appeared on this site several times before here. This comes from a set of photos taken by Terry in August 1972 and the two previous colour shots on the bed are from this same set. Compared to my other posts and other shots I have seen this is very tame, but at the same time a very good shot of her, with you being able to see her small pert tits through that tight top.

As already explained Franni wasn’t her real name and beneath that wig she was actually fashion model Polly Eltes, who worked for the likes of David Bailey and others, with this being one of her few full nude modelling assignments. She also had brief careers as a British actress and singer, but today she has come full circle and has become a successful photographer behind the camera working for interiors and lifestyle magazines. Thanks as always to Terry for the fabulous insights into his time behind the camera with these models.

It’s also my last post before my week away, so there will be no further updates until I return. Thank you to everyone for the comments and emails showing support to the site after my moan about my images being used elsewhere as it’s really appreciated. I’ll take the time away to decide what to do next, but I’m sure I’ll be back after my break and will continue posting in some format, as it would be a shame to hide away all the 1000’s of images I now have in my archive because of a few selfish people!

Enjoy Franni and see you all soon 🙂

Franni Leigh in The Sea! (Original)

The final shot of Franni Leigh I have that was sent through by Terry Sparks. This one has Franni posing in the sea down at a favourite location of Terry’s, Pegwell Bay in Kent and although there is clear blue sky it still looks a little nippy in that sea!  Terry confirmed that this was a good location to use because as he says – ‘You were right about Franni Leigh being photographed at Pegwell Bay. That was a location I used a lot in the 1960’s and early 70’s. It was an area frequented by the Gay boys, this of course was when attitudes to homosexuality were very different to today, so it had the advantage that as soon as you produced a camera everyone promptly disappeared and you had the beach to yourself.’

So you could say Franni took her clothes off and all the men went running in the opposite direction, not a normal reaction to such a beauty 🙂 Thanks to Terry for the anecdote and cracking shot of Franni.


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Fanni’s Fanny (Original)

The second shot of Franni Leigh (not her real name!) by Terry Sparks taken in 1972 for Club International by Paul Raymond. This shot is very progressive for it’s time, as it shows that things were becoming more ‘open’ in the 1970’s.  Not only were shots becoming less subtle, they were also less censored with full on pubic hair shots that even showed the labia, such as above. I’m not saying shots like this weren’t taken before, but now they were being published with more on show and less imagination needed!

Thanks to Terry for this very colourful and open shot!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Franni Leigh Having a Feel! (Original)

Another different model this morning from Terry and this is Franni Leigh (not her real name!).  According to Terry she was originally a successful fashion model and this was one of the few times she did nude modelling. This shot and another I have were taken in 1972, with similar shots by Terry used in Club International by Paul Raymond.  Franni appeared across several pages of the 4th edition of Club International in April 1972, including a double page spread (boom boom!) as centrefold of the month. Unfortunately Terry only sent me the 3 shots he has remaining, but you can see the full set of images that appeared in Club on the blog ‘Venus Observations‘, which also gives a nod to Terry as the photographer. The fact that this was the early 1970’s and a Paul Raymond publication means we start to see a lot more of Franni than normal, including pubic hair and more, which you will see in a further shot to come!

As I’d not come across Franni before, so I did a search and found that there is very little of her out there on the web, but she did appear on the cover and inside pages of Parade (14th & 21st October, 1972).  Those pictures show Franni posing on a beach and I believe those were also taken by Terry down at Pegwell Bay in Kent, as the third shot I have is of her posing in the sea at that location. So were they taken at the same time as those of Bobby Sparrow ?

Thanks to Terry for again sharing this fabulous shot of Franni and to Venus Observations for publishing the full article of her in Club International.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.