Hanna Viek – Golden Garters! (Original)

A colour shot from the set of Hanna Viek posing in a leather armchair which I thought I’d share as it’s nice to see one from the set in actual colour. A fabulous view of Hanna as she reclines in the armchair and gives one of her sumptuous tits a good squeeze and loving the matching golden garters keeping her stockings up 🙂

Simply Hanna – Over 40! Magazine

A younger Hanna Viek featured in an article published in the men’s magazine Over 40! Plenty on show for all the Hanna fans from those perfectly round tits to that thick dark pussy, highlighted by a slight tan line, perfect! I’m not sure she was over 40 when these were taken, but was that supposed to be her age or chest size?


Hanna Viek – Young at Heart!

Hanna Viek and friend on the cover of the early 1980’s magazine Young at Heart Vol.1 No.1 and looking like they are enjoying themselves! And yes as the sticker clearly states I’ve seen some of the photo’s inside and they are indeed explicit of Hanna, leaving little to ones imagination. Fortunately or unfortunately dependant on your view of the explicit stuff the images I have are not good quality, so I’ve left them off. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t mind a good copy of them if anyone has them?

Hanna Viek – Perfect on Pink!

Two shots from a small set of Hanna Viek taken in the mid 1970’s of her posing against a colourful pink backdrop as she plays with her tits. Not new shots, but restored, better quality shots than I’ve seen out there and it’s Hanna so worth another look 🙂