Neva – Kamera Calendar, July 1968

Neva in the doorway of the Lantern Cottage set from the July page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar. A stunning dusky woman from Trinidad not blessed with the largest of chests and a strategically placed hand covering below, which is a real shame as she had the most fantastic thick lush bush on her! I suppose full frontal shots were a bit risque for the calendars back then, even though most ended up on the walls of workshops etc.

Marilyn Monroe – Fiesta Magazine, July 1957

Not my normal post, but one I couldn’t resist! I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan and I used to post images of her on an old blog, but there are so many images out there of her I got a little bored! I came across these shots and hadn’t seen them before and they were in an early Fiesta Magazine (July 1957), along with some other of my favourite models.  Anyway I loved the classic cover and her as the centrefold, so decided to post on here for a change 🙂