Unknown Ebony Curves by Harrison Marks (Original)

A stunning shot of an unknown ebony model by Harrison Marks. What a fabulous curvy figure she has as she leans forward for the camera and one of the few ebony models that GHM used in the 1960’s along with Sylvia Bayo, Veronica Diemen and a few others 🙂

Thanks to MadMax this image actually appeared in Kamera No. 47 P10 (1962) and is one of my missing editions, so no wonder I didn’t recognize the shot 🙂

Sheila Osborne From Kamera No.47

Another cracking unknown model this time from page 4 of Kamera No.47 (1963). What a gorgeous figure and bum, but can anyone ID her as I’ve not come across many images of her before now?

Thanks to Portland for the ID of Sheila Osborne, who also appeared in QT No.58 (1962), another unknown model identified.