Cheryl Peters – Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.27 Cover (1969)

Cheryl Peters on the cover of Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.27 (1969) posing in a very nice sheer black negligee. Girl Illustrated must be one of my favourite vintage magazines outside of Harrison Marks publications. The size and quality of the publication was exceptional, which shows today as copies still look good and go for high prices when up for sale. They were also full some of my favourite 1960’s/70’s models including many that posed for GHM.

Marianne Morris – A Rocky Rear View!

Marianne Morris perched on the rocks at the sea edge giving us a fantastic rear view of her great arse! I would guess this shot was one taken in Rhodes taken by Terry Sparks back in 1971, as it looks similar to others taken by him of Marianne here?

R is for Rhodes (Xmas Calendar)

I’ve posted several individual shots of the three models Marianne Morris, Venetia Day and Dinah Challen by Terry Sparks on Rhodes, but very few of them all together, other than in a few magazine articles. But this shot sent by Terry changes that, not only does it feature all three models, but it’s a colour shot of them as well. A fab shot of all three as they lay out in the sun, drying off from obviously being in the sea and giving us a flash of their tits! I’m not sure if this was an intentionally posed shot by Terry or a quick snap shot of them as they relaxed, maybe Terry can enlighten us?


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Lip Smacking Marianne! (Original)

The final two shots I have of Marianne Morris posing on a beach in Rhodes taken by Terry Sparks, plus two German magazine articles featuring the Rhodes 3, again obviously taken by Terry. Marianne looks fantastic in the two original images from Terry and although I love the shot of her running her tongue over her lips, I think I prefer the second shot. I just love the pose of her laying back on the wet sand, with the reflection of her body showing in the wet ripples of the sand.  A perfectly composed shot from Terry and a great additional prop of the large necklace!

The two magazine articles show all three of the Rhodes models, Marianne Morris, Venetia Day and Dinah Challen posing in the sea and on the rocks and love the colour shot of all three of them. Dinah in those long black boots and blue panties looks fantastic and a shame I’ve n ot got any of those from Terry 🙂

Thanks as always to Terry for sharing his original images with me and still a few more Venetia Day shots to go before I run out!


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Ann Austin – Not Your Average School Teacher!

An article from Flirt ‘N Skirt No.17 featuring Ann Austin posing topless at various locations around Ewhurst Manor, both indoors and outdoors. It mentions that Ann was a school teacher, but I’m not sure if that is true or a bit of creative writing by the magazine! Either way I never remembered having school teachers with assets like that!

Vicky From Vue No.5 (1963)

Three wonderful pages of Vicky (Margaret Nolan) from Vue No.5 (1963) scanned from the original magazine and an article I’d not come across before? Thanks must go to Nils, who is a regular commenter on this blog, as he sent me this magazine and one other all the way from Sweden.

More to come from this magazine, as it includes many other familiar faces from the 1960’s and this blog.

Thanks again Nils!

Ettalie Smith

After publishing these photo’s yesterday of an unknown model to me, Portland has once again come to the rescue and identified the model as Ettalie Smith and sent through the above evidence as further proof!

The above pages are from Man’s Pleasure (Sept 1968) and although she is named Etta Lee it is the same model as I published yesterday as the top right image is from the same shoot by Ken Williams. Not truly a Harrison Marks model as far as I’m aware, other than appearing in Lenz No.3 published by him (very tenuous link!), but one that caught my eye! Ettalie also appears in Dapper Vol.3 No.1 (Aug 1966) and what appears to be an earlier 1950’s glamour film, Exotica Reel: 193 “Ettalie Smith”, which has no nudity but lots of legs, high heels and stockings being flashed!

A stunning young beauty with great curves and a great pair of big tits from the images above 🙂 I’m on the hunt for any more images of her, so if anyone has some good high quality ones of her, please pass them my way to share.

Again thanks must go to Portland for identifying her and providing the great images above.

Pamela Green – The Art of Nude, Milkcow Magazine

The cover of Milkcow Magazine No.4 (October, 2009) featuring Pamela Green and the full interview and contents page for completeness. An interesting read if you didn’t already know much about Pam’s history and a good collection of accompanying photo’s.