Wendy James – A Bridge Too Far (1966)

Wendy James from Kamera No.77 P2 (1966) by Harrison Marks. A very sullen looking Wendy as she poses next to the bridge on the Chinese Garden set, but I suppose you can’t be smiles all the time when taking your clothes off for the camera! Still I do like the nice little upturned pair of tits she had 🙂

Annlyse & Dorte – Solo No.19 (1961)

Two individual shots of Annlyse and Dorte from Solo No.19 (1961) by Harrison Marks, dedicated entirely to this Danish duo, who were over on holiday and noticed by GHM.

June Palmer – A Nice Tit! (1964)

The title is in reference to the bird in the picture just above her right tit, not June! But the bird might be a tit as well, who knows? June posing on the Chinese Garden Set from the Kamera Special, The Fabulous June Palmer, P2 (1964).

Margaret Nolan – Kamera No.48 (1962)

I haven’t published enough of Margaret lately, so to rectify that we have a great shot of Maggie on the bed in GHM’s flat and this was the first image on page 2 of Kamera No.48 (1962).  What a great opening image to greet you with as you flick open this edition of Kamera! There are nine shots of Margaret in total in Kamera No.48 and they consist of her posing alone and with Maria Clarence on location down in Cornwall and all are as enticing as this shot.