Pamela Green – Double Bubbles! (Original)

This has to be my favourite colour set of Pamela Green and not just because it includes her! I just love the whole set up of the shots in the bath, the use of reflections and mirrors, so we see all angles of Pam’s body and of course just seeing her soapy, wet body.  This shot is no exception as we see her kneeling in the bath giving us a front view of her body, with one hand covering her modesty, although the shadows suggest we wouldn’t see much if the hand wasn’t there. We also get to see a rear view due to the reflection in the bath mirrors.

This is the third shot from the ‘Bath Set‘ and I have one more from Kevin to post, but I know he has at least one more 🙂 Originally from Pamar slides, Pam looks slightly older than her appearances in Kamera, which would suggest it’s towards the end of the Green/Marks relationship, mid 1960’s but I may be wrong?

A Pink Princess (Original)

A studio shot of Pamela Green as Princess Sonmar Harriks posing with pink silk sheet and definitely one of the better shots of Pam as PSH. From this shot you can’t tell that it was boot polish all over her body, as not a smudge or smear to be seen and I’ve looked closely 🙂 Scanned and sent over by Kevin from an original Pamar colour slide, with slight adjustments made to restore colour and remove a red hue.

Diane Clare – Laid Back Loft View (Original)

This has to be one of my favourite shots of Diane Clare and comes from a scan of an original Pamar slide that I acquired from Jim B over on eBay, who also runs Nostalgia Publications. The quality of the scan and colours from this slide for it’s age are fantastic.  Diane looks superbly sultry with those red lips and skin tones as she lays back on that bed posing for GHM on the loft set.  I also published a very similar shot of Pamela Green on the same bed and set here, with another coming soon that was recently sent over by Kevin.

Members get to see a much lager version of this glorious shot of Diane in all her glory 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

A Flash From Erica! (Original)

I thought I’d continue with the theme of today with this colourful shot of the Erica flashing her big tits for us. A cracking quality shot from an original Pamar 35mm slide in vibrant colours, which show off Erica’s magnificent mammaries to good effect.  Shot on the loft set I also love the sheer blue blouse she is pulling open to expose herself. Perfect shot and thanks as always to Kevin for allowing me to share.


A Red Rochelle! (Original)

Another original scan from Jeff B and one from his Harrison Marks ‘Pamar’ set of 8 colour slides.  This features a cracking view of Rochelle Lofting and her might fine assets and as you can see the quality of the slide is exceptional and needed very little doing to it, other than removing some dust and marks.

Thanks to Jeff for all of these scans and he’s actually put these Harrison Marks slides up for sale on eBay if anyone is interested.  You can find these plus his other listings under the username j44land, so go take a look if interested.

Pamela Green in Quadruple (Original)

I love this set of Pamela in the bath taken by Harrison Marks in the bathroom of his Gerrard Street flat. The use of the mirrors to see Pam from every angle is brilliant and this is the second of three shots I have from this set (There must be more!), all sent through by Kevin.  All are scanned from 35mm Pamar negatives and this particular shot was a little dark, so need lightening up a little, but didn’t lose it’s quality! Thanks Kevin 🙂

Curtains & Curves (Original)

Another fantastic shot of this curvy unknown model taken by Harrison Marks and taken from the same set as this colour shot of the same model. I think those pink curtains certainly look better in black and white for sure, if not the model.
I’ve made some updates to the unknown models page and added this redhead beauty to the list, until such time that someone identifies her.

In The Bath With Pamela (Original)

What a superb shot of Pam in the Bath from an original 35mm slide (Pamar possibly) from Kevin. I’ve seen other models posing in this bath with the mirrors like Tina Graham here, but this is the first I’ve come across of Pam in the bath setting.

The colour and quality of this slide are impressive for a slide so old, as all I did was remove the old bit of dirt from the scan and a contrast tweak, other than that it’s as you see before you. I must see if I can get any other shots from this set of Pam from Kevin 🙂

Love everything about this shot!