June Palmer – A Pond Side Pose! (Original)

A stunning nude shot of June posing on a rustic wooden bridge over the pond in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor from the ‘Ewhurst Escapades‘ set. June looks very elegant in this shot as she kneels there with her long hair and earrings.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Ann Wilson – Unusual Pond Life! (1965)

Ann Wilson posing in a pond from P33 of Solo No.44 (1965) by Harrison Marks and dedicated entirely to Ann.

I always assumed that this pond was in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, but it wasn’t until Terry Sparks mentioned it, that the pond is actually in the grounds of Walden Manor, not Ewhurst. If you look on Google maps the pond is no longer there, but if you were to look at the front of the house it would have been down the left hand side, where a patio now stands between the house and large tree.

I’ve also seen images of Monique Devereux, Barbara Halks and Stevie Vaughan standing in the same pond as well. It must have been bloody cold and not that clean, so makes you wonder how GHM talked them into getting in the pond!

Annette Johnson – Pond-side Pose!

A dark haired Annette Johnson from the late 1960’s posing for the camera on the edge of what looks like a rockery or pond.  I’m glad to see the photographer provided a cushion for her to sit on, otherwise that hard rock could have been quite uncomfortable on her bits!

Monique Devereux & The Wall

A perfect side shot of Monique Devereux posing by the wall in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, with the square pond just visible in the background.  The pond seemed to be a favourite location for Harrison Marks and his models, both around the edge and in it, as shown in these shots of Monique

Ewhurst in Colour

I came across this image of two nude models posing by a pond and realized it was Ewhurst Manor and one of the few colour images I’ve come across that shows part of the house and the pond. It comes to something when I was more interested in the house and pond rather than the two nude models! I have no idea who either of them are or who took the shot?

More Monique Devereux Amongst The Lily Pads!

Monique Devereux up to her knees in the pond at Ewhurst from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1. More of her in the garden of Ewhurst with the pond in the background can be seen here, which were probably taken at the same time. Also a different colour version of her also in amongst the Lily pads … here

Beverley Martin – Lakeside Lovely

Beverley Martin (Mary Morton) from the pages of Carnival Magazine (August 1965) posing topless beside a lake apparently!  It’s actually the square pond out the back/side of Ewhurst Manor from a different angle.  You can see Monique Devereux posing in front of it in an earlier post today.  Obviously a popular spot for a pose and I’ve even seen some of Barbara Halks and Monique posing in the pond!