Margaret’s Midnight Shadow!

A very happy Margaret Nolan showing off her big smile and midnight shadow in front of the fire place! Taken by Harrison Marks and reprinted in Magnificent Models No.1 this shot of Margaret must have still been easier to retouch then one of the fuller bush models

Monique Devereux & The Wall

A perfect side shot of Monique Devereux posing by the wall in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor, with the square pond just visible in the background.  The pond seemed to be a favourite location for Harrison Marks and his models, both around the edge and in it, as shown in these shots of Monique

Vivienne Warren & Ann Walker

A double feature! Vivienne Warren & Ann Walker posing against a window at Ewhurst Manor and it looks like very little editing was needed on AW’s pubic region, as it looks shaved to me!  Originally from an edition of Kamera and re-published in Magnificent Models No.1 by Nostalgia Publications.