A Red Robyn (Original)

Robyn (Susan Flynn) from a restored late 1950’s 35mm colour slide from my own collection. Sadly this is the best I could get the colours from a very degraded and red negative, but it still give you a fabulous shot of Robyn’s curves and those large puffie nipples 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Is It Chris, Susan or Robyn?

Although this model has previously been identified as Robyn, Jeff has found images of her under a different set of names.  There are two photo’s of the model identified as Robyn in the Carnival Spring Special 1956. On page 12 she is Susan Flynn and on page 32, she is Chris Flynn but on closer inspection they are the same person and Robyn.  So there you go we have a proper surname for Robyn and at least two first names 🙂

Flashing Fishnets It’s Robyn! (1950’s)

The model known as Robyn photographed by Harrison Marks in a cheeky pose flashing her fishnets as she adjusts a suspender below her petticoat. A classic 1950’s beauty with very large puffy areola on display and restored from a scan of a silver gelatin photograph.

Robyn 1950’s Model by Harrison Marks

A scan of a silver gelatin photograph of an unknown model a model only known as Robyn taken by Harrison Marks in the mid 1950’s. This comes from a large collection of early GHM work, including early sets of Pamela Green, Rona Scott, Margaret Warhurst, Delores Alverez and several unknown models.