Rusty On a Rug! (Original)

Rusty Gaynor from Kamera No.51 P12 (1963), although this is a scan from the original negative rather than directly from the magazine, but it’s been cropped to a very similar style as it appeared in print. A beautiful shot of Rusty posing on a sheepskin rug in the studio taken by Harrison Marks and I love the roundness and curve of her hip in this shot, although I’m still convinced she’s had a boob job, as they just look too round and upright?

R is For Rusty (Xmas Calendar)

Rusty Gaynor posing nude sat on a wicker chair on the front lawn of Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. An odd pose, but that’s nothing new with GHM, but also an odd shape to Rusty’s boobs, but then I’m sure I’ve mentioned I think she had them done!

Rusty Gaynor – An Autumn Feel! (Original)

A restored colour 35mm negative of Rusty Gaynor by Harrison Marks sent over by Kevin, posing amongst the leafs, giving it a very Autumnal feel! I had to restore this a fair bit as it was very red in colour and grainy, but I think it’s come out OK? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Rusty’s tits always look too perfect for me, with very little droop, as if she’s had a boob job done. I don’t know if she had them done or they were naturally like that, but they don’t look very natural and I suppose as the ‘Mrs’ of a gangster the funds would have been available if she’d have wanted them done!

Rusty Gaynor – Kamera No.55 (1963)

Harrison Marks did three photo shoots with Rusty and published 37 photographs of her across Kamera No.50 (1962), No.51, No.53 and, 55 including the above front cover and eleven other pages.  Shots of her also appeared in No’s 59, 63 & 74 and the large format hardback book ‘She Walks in Beauty’.

Rusty was originally a stripper from Soho and a her full story ‘Rusty Gaynor: The Vice Queen’ can be found over on the Official Pamela Green site.


Rusty Gaynor’s Behind!

Rusty Gaynor from the pages of Glamorous Girls No.2 (1960’s), which contains reprints from Harrison Marks work from Kamera and his other publications. I’ve been trying to find an eloquent way of expressing my initial reaction to seeing this image, but so far haver failed, so ……. damn that’s one great curvy arse!

Rusty Gaynor – She Walks in Beauty

Two shots of Rusty Gaynor from She Walks in Beauty.  both shots seem to be at Ewhurst Manor, with the top shot being in the garden and the bottom shot being outside the front door of the cottage at Ewhurst, a favourite spot!