Rusty On a Rug! (Original)

Rusty Gaynor from Kamera No.51 P12 (1963), although this is a scan from the original negative rather than directly from the magazine, but it’s been cropped to a very similar style as it appeared in print. A beautiful shot of Rusty posing on a sheepskin rug in the studio taken by Harrison Marks and I love the roundness and curve of her hip in this shot, although I’m still convinced she’s had a boob job, as they just look too round and upright?

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  1. I agree about the boob job – how common was this at that time ?

  2. Have to agree they do look a bit odd. Do you have any shots of Rusty flat on her back, the nearest I can see in your link is where she is reclining on a lounger, which only serves to increase the view that she did have surgical intervention, however, there is little evidence of scarring or under boob bulging, but this could be covered up with careful make-up. Must agree with harryjackers that boob-jobs were pretty rare back in the 60’s.

    Just to labour the point, it may be unfortunate lighting, but in some pics of Rusty she doesn’t look as if she was exactly the youngest girl photographed by GHM.

    • I’ll have to look to see if I have any of her flat on her back so to speak, but think they are still pointing upwards, which was one of my observations as well. I hate to say it but I think she was older or at least looked older than the other models and came from a background of a Soho stripper, so may have had a tough life 🙂

      • I knew I’d heard the name in another context; that of an “artistic dancer”. I think I may actually have seen her in “action” when “inspecting” the clubs of Soho in the 60’s and 70’s. Well someone has to do it, all of course in the interests of research you understand!!.

        To return to the original point though; boob jobs were the stuff of the Sunday tabloids then. It would hardly have been possible to keep it secret.

  3. Another HM model who looked sometimes as if a job had been done was Jutka Goz.


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