Light & Shade Magazine Covers (1950’s)

A set of covers from the publication ‘Light & Shade’ from the late 1950’s. I have a set of 15 covers from No.1 to No.15, but have no idea if that is a full set? These were produced by Russell Gay and published by Dalrow Publication Ltd. Pennine Publications, Bolton. A very similar set of magazines in the same style, including Tr-coloured covers was published under the title ‘Line & Form’, but by Eva Grant (I also have a set of these to edit and post).

I love the covers of this magazine especially the use of one primary colour per cover. and I think my favourites are No.8, No.9 (June Simpson) and No.12. Thanks must go to Paul from Firebird Records for all of these magazines and covers, a superb collection!

Gloria Latham – Line and Form No.12 (1950’s)

The beautiful tri-coloured cover of Line and Form No.12 featuring Gloria Latham from the late 1950’s. The covers of this magazine were superb and featured various posed models in shadows with most highlighted with a single colour such as this one.

Anna Verdi – A Woodland Houri!

Anna Verdi as Nanette Pouchard from France, appearing as a woodland houri in Heels and Hose Vol.3 No.3 Quarterly edition (1961) covering April/May/June. I had to look up what Houri meant as I hadn’t got a clue with that one, but it means a voluptuously beautiful young woman, or nymph both very apt! This scan along with several others come from Oldtimeerotica over on Tumblr, so thanks to Ads for allowing me to share his scans here.

I also noticed looking through the scans that a number of Harrison Marks models appear in the same magazine, but again under different names, including Dawn Grayson, Cleo Simmons and Lena Ellis to name three. I’ll post those pages soon as well.

Eve Eden & Lorraine Burnett – Album Modelstudier Cover

I posted a small poorer quality version of this cover featuring Eve and Lorraine here, with other covers from this publication, but I now have a larger better quality scan to share. I always like it when you have shots of popular models posing together and here we have two of the most popular models of that time and now.

Maria Prokaine – The Girl Who Wanted To Live Dangerously!

Maria Prokaine (Marie Provost) from the tri-coloured pages of Parade Magazine No.1228 (22nd June, 1963).  All shots look like they were taken on the stairs or in the main doorway of Ewhurst Manor, still not sure about the beehive hairstyle she has though!

June Palmer – Negligee in the Sun!

I think this is a young June Palmer posing outdoors in the sun in just a blue negligee.  The tri-colours and colouring makes me think that it probably appeared in an edition of Folies de Paris et de Hollywood, but not sure which? (Source: La Dulzura on Tumblr)

Sophia Dawn – A Designing Young Lady!

Some more tri-colour goodness from the pages of Parade!  This time it’s the alluring Sophia Dawn in various stages of undress without actually getting undressed.  This double paged spread was from Parade No.1201 (15th December, 1962) and my favourite shot must be the one directly above, where she nearly got all her kit off!  

There was something about the sheer elegance of Sophia Dawn that just does it for me.  The lips, eyes and the beauty spot and that’s before getting any further than her face!

Another original scan of mine!

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this and may be subject to this copyright notice.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder