All Tied Up With Julie! (Original)

A beautifully restored 35mm colour Pamar slide of Julie by Harrison Marks. Julie at her absolute best wrapped in a rope and nothing more! A stunning model and figure that always looked so elegant however she posed 🙂


Bound to Titillate! (Original)

Not quite sure what is going on here, but a different shot and view of two well endowed ladies tied together with a rope as an assistant seemingly pulls the rope tighter together and higher! Love the fact they have matching stockings, hairy pussies and big tits, but one from my bizarre collection of prints that’s for sure!


Marie Deveraux – A Fisherman’s Delight! (1960)

Marie Deveraux posing with rope and fishing nets from P14 of Kamera No.25 (1960). A stunning sea themed shot highlighting Marie’s assets to the full and if I caught her in my net, she’d be a keeper and not one to throw back!


June Palmer – A Tied Squeeze! (Original)

Another image of June squeezing and trying to lick her tits as she’s tied up, wow!  The second of 4 images from this set and all needed restoration as faded down one side, but all are fantastic and I realized she’s wearing the same dress as posted under ‘June & The Short Leather Dress‘. They all come from the same set as ‘Psychedelic Sofa‘, as both contain June wearing the black Basque, show June with her hands bound with rope and feature the psychedelic sofa!


Eve Eden & Lorraine Burnett – Album Modelstudier Cover

I posted a small poorer quality version of this cover featuring Eve and Lorraine here, with other covers from this publication, but I now have a larger better quality scan to share. I always like it when you have shots of popular models posing together and here we have two of the most popular models of that time and now.