June Palmer – Three Birds in a Bush!

I came across this shot over on Tumblr posted by Magoothings and had never seen this shot of June before. The shot taken in a garden location features not only a young June, but also Nancy Roberts (stood) and Maureen Frawley a third unknown model. I never knew June had posed with Nancy, but it would make sense that their paths must have crossed at some point and this is one of those occasions. At a guess I think this location may be somewhere like Sheplegh Court around 1960, with the photographer being Leslie Bainbridge? Only because both June and Nancy posed for Leslie early in their careers, but I may be completely wrong.

It’s still a great photo of June and friends and when I asked about it’s original, Magoothings said he’d seen a copy of this shot on eBay Germany, but I could find it to see if there were any others.  Thanks to Magoothings for letting me share this great image, plus another of Nancy over on Kamera Club, and if anyone can shed any light on this image or the third model, please do let me know?

Edit: Thanks to Portland, who has identified the third model as Maureen Frawley 🙂

June Uncaged (Original)

An image from a set of 6 slides of June posing nude in the studio in front of some iron bars/cage, taken at Scotlee studio’s in the 1970’s. This shot gives us a great view of June with longer hair laying nude on the floor in front of the iron bars. We get a great view of her naked body, including a hint of bush! More of this set coming soon.


Note: This image is created from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Helga Genthe

I came across these stunning images of Helga Genthe By Pater Basch and was just mesmerized by the shots , so I decided to publish these two favourites of her. I can find out very little about Helga, other than these shots and a reference to her being an actress, but nothing more than that and that she posed several times for Peter Basch, so may well have been US based.

Regardless of that I just love these two shots of her with her long dark hair, a beautifully defined face and that’s before we even get to her body! Her body isn’t as voluptuous as some models, but the shape and curves along with her small breasts with a slight up turn work perfectly in these shots. Finally, there’s her lush, dark pussy, a magnificent sight to behold and so much of it you could get lost down there!

Truly a beautiful model captured perfectly by Peter Basch and worthy of sharing here.

Angela Will Make You Stop! (Original)

I thought I’d start this week the way I ended last week, with an Angela Jones shot! This is a slightly different shot than last week as it’s by Harrison Marks and is a common shot of Angela that has appeared many time on the internet. The difference with this shot is the quality of the scan and the fact it’s the uncensored version of Angela, in that we get a view of her smooth shaven bits in this shot, so still worth a view even if you’ve seen it before!

Sandra’s Smooth Bedtime Surprise! (Original)

Sandra Cassano posing for Harrison Marks kneeling on a bed that we have seen before, as the headboard is familiar! Not sure about the matching curtains and wallpaper though! This comes from Kevin and is a scan of an original negative, so is uncensored and we see a glimpse of Sandra’s smooth nether region in this shot.