Lorraine Burnett – Sultry or Sulky? (Original)

Lorraine Burnett posing naked in the studio squeezing those ample tits between her arms. I can’t quite work out if she’s trying to look sultry in this shot or is just miserable, as it was very hard to tell with Lorraine in some shots. It’s a shame really as it’s a great shot that would have been even better if she had been smiling!

Lorraine Burnett – Thick Blonde Curves (Original)

More of Lorraine Burnett with long blonde hair/wig from Visart Glamorama set No.56, which consisted of 8 prints of Lorraine in various poses such as this. Love the way she is kneeling looking at the camera with her normal pout, but showing off the curves of her arse and tits!

Lorraine Burnett – A Multitude of Looks! (Original)

Lorraine Burnett with long blonde hair/wig from Visart Glamorama set No.56, which consisted of 8 prints of Lorraine in various poses such as this. Lorraine seems to have gone through a multitude of different looks and hair colour in her career from brunette to redhead to short blonde to long blonde as in this shot. I actually like her in this shot as the long curls suit her, but she still has that pout!

A Moody Looking June (Original)

I don’t know if it’s sad or an enviable position to be in, but I seem to have such a big collection of original June Palmer images and other related items I forget sometimes what I have published and what I haven’t! Anyway another shot of an older June taken by John in the 1980’s and looking very moody as she poses against as stool.  I’ll say it again but even in her 40’s June had such a fantastic fuller figure and the white panties and high heels just enhance the shot taken by John.



Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Julie Nash – Staircase To Heaven!

Julie Nash better known as Teri Martine in long dark wig seductively waiting at the top of the stairs for you! I found this over on Redheadkingpin’s Tumblr blog, where he publishes some of his original vintage negative collection, including this one. He comments that this is from an original 120 format colour negative and that it’s June Palmer posing as Teri Martine. An obvious mistake as both June and Teri posed at the same time and wore wigs and used different aliases to confuse you, but this is clearly Teri as Julie Nash.

Still a wonderful shot and I love the contrasting black stockings and red underwear in this shot and let’s not forget the wallpaper!

Thanks to Redheadkingpin for sharing 🙂

Annette Johnson – A Blonde in White High Heels

I must admit that although Annette Johnson was very popular through-out her career in the 1960’s and beyond and appeared in numerous publications I’m not a big fan! Saying that the above image is probably one of my favourites of her and I much prefer her early stuff with GHM than some of the later images. There are also some great images of her by Ed Alexander and I have a thing for blondes, so prefer her as above when she had the long blonde hair.

This images comes from Lenz No.3 and was taken by Ken Williams and she sure had a great pair of legs on her!