Caroline Coon

A very natural looking Caroline Coon by Harrison Marks on that Rug! 

She appeared in the later issues of Kamera from No.79 onwards. She also starred alongside Harrison Marks in a short film called ‘Amour’ (I have a copy!) and it was shot largely on the bedroom set in Lily Place studios in November, 1966. She also went on to appear in ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ (1967), before giving it all up and becoming an artist, journalist and political activist.
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  1. I met Caroline a few times in the late 60s, when she was mainly involved in Release, the drugs charity she helped set up. I even donated some money. In the 70s she became a music journalist and was very involved in the early days of punk rock. A good looking woman with a reputation as a man-eater. Looking back, I think I would have been quite happy to be devoured!<br />David

    • Thanks David and a wonderful little insight and I agree she could have devoured me anytime! Interesting that she modelled like this and starred nude in glamour films, then completely changed direction and became a political activist. I suppose we all have to start somewhere!

    • Her political activism was mainly her involvement with Release. The cynical view at the time was that she set up the charity – which provided legal representation to people busted on drug charges – because her boyfriend at the time was arrested and she feared she would be next. She very blatantly used her good looks to gain advantage. She had judges, lawyers, MPs, etc eating from her hand –


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