Avra Bennett – Kamera No.37

Avra Bennett from the pages of Kamera No.37 (1961) where she also appeared on the cover and colour centre pages on the bedroom set, including various poses in a tin bath!
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  1. Hip Hip HURRAH, Avra Bennett is so specially pretty!

    • SHE IS so pretty!<br />Thank God for Avra! Well all should thank Avra herself for showing herself so bravely! I love Avra!<br />UK, you have so many very pretty females, honestly I am jealous! But happy over the beauty of all girls from the 50-60-70::is…..You are a luckuy bunch! Thank you from Nils in old Sweden.

  2. Pretty Avra. Can anybody get me more pictures of her?
    Pse reply and if possible, tell me about this beauty!
    She is indeed very special to me, even for other reasons than her true beaty!!

  3. Avra is such a pretty piece of art. I cannot express all that I feel for Avra!


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