Madeleine on Tiptoes!

The slender form of Madeleine Mills stood naked on tiptoes as she leans against a cherub pedestal. Taken by Harrison Marks it’s an eclectic shot on what was a bedroom set in it’s better days. It looks more like a mixture of props in this shot with of course the fabulous Madeleine in the middle. This shot was originally published in Kamara No.41 P36 (1962)

A great view of Madeleine her slim figure, small tits and smooth pussy 🙂


Tina Graham – Hidden by Shadows (Original)

Tina Graham (Christine Carter) by Harrison Marks on the bedroom set. A very cleverly posed and worked shot by GHM as it captures the full naked body of Tina.

Thanks to the clever use of lighting and shadows he manages to hide anything too risque.  Tina doesn’t even need to hide anything with a hand or prop as all done with classic photography techniques 🙂


Anita St. John – Small Pink & Perky! (Original)

A shot from a restored 35mm colour slide of 1960’s UK Model Anita St.John from a set of over 20 slides sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. Another set taken in the same studio as 35mm slides of Ann Day and Maria Frost, but this seems to be a bedroom set.

A fabulous shot of Anita and her small perky tits with dark pink nipples as she poses on the bed topless and on all fours. You could say ready to ride, if it weren’t for the fact she still has those pinks panties on 😉


Cheryl Peters – Sitting Pretty! (Original)

The superb figure of Cheryl Peters from a restored 35mm colour slide sent over from Paul, who is selling several sets of slides including more of Cheryl over on eBay here. There are several other models from Paul’s sets that I have, but all seem to be taken at the same studio and on the same sets, as is this one. This set seems to be a bedroom type set with large stool that Cheryl is expertly mounting for this shot 🙂


Tina Graham – Bedroom Blues!

Tina Graham (Christine Carter) by Harrison Marks on the bedroom set and featured in Nouvelle Serie De Revue magazine. A beautiful smooth uncensored view that only got seen in the continental magazines such as this. The second shot is from the same series but an original shot of Christine directly from a scanned Pamar colour 35mm colour slide send over by Kevin, but as you can see the colours in both are nearly the same after I’ve restored them 🙂