The Glistening Body of Della Fox

Two more shots of the wonderfully oiled body of Della Fox from this set. Again restored from some 35mm slides, but unfortunately the colour of these two had faded so badly I couldn’t recover the colour so turned them black and white, which works equally as well! 

These slides along with the others in the set have Della’s name written on the slide, along with the date, March 1963, but no clue as to the photographer.
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  1. I&#39;m wondering what substance was used for the oiling process – of course lard was more common in those days than it is now, so I think I&#39;ll stick with that<br /><br /> ;)<br /><br /> roop

  2. a bit more decent than &#39;butter her up&#39; . . .<br /><br /> hang on, is that actually a phrase?<br /><br /> roop


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