The Glistening Body of Della Fox

Two more shots of the wonderfully oiled body of Della Fox from this set. Again restored from some 35mm slides, but unfortunately the colour of these two had faded so badly I couldn’t recover the colour so turned them black and white, which works equally as well! 

These slides along with the others in the set have Della’s name written on the slide, along with the date, March 1963, but no clue as to the photographer.

Della Fox – All Oiled Up Again!

It seems that either the photographers or Della herself had a thing for getting her body all oiled up for a photo shoot, as the two shots above show.  I’m not complaining mind you as her body and those fabulous tits look great covered in oil and glistening in the light! Two restored negatives from the 1960’s of Della and love the top shot with a cheeky look over her shoulder! I’d be first in the queue to offer to oil her and that body up!